Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment

You’ve grown your sales and your products are in demand. Congratulations! Now you’ve got to get the products to the customer. How does that work when you don’t have the space, personnel, experience and time to fulfill hundreds of customer orders? It’s simple. Let Underground Printing handle all of your inventory warehousing and order fulfillment!

Our experienced team members will quickly and accurately fulfill your customers’ orders from our proprietary warehouse inventory system. You can rest easy knowing your orders are being handled by our professional and well-trained team who are devoted to making sure your orders arrive on time. With years of experience from operating fulfillment services for over 35 brands, UGP can handle the logistics for you so you can get back to doing what you love.

Brand Presentation:

For many of your customers, the first time they really get to contact your brand will be when a product shows up at their door. UGP will work with you to develop your brand presentation and ensure that all of your orders meet those specifications. Our team can help you source custom boxes, stickers, packing materials, promotional inserts, and much more!

  • Tissue, Paper, and Packing Materials
  • Gift wrapping
  • Private labeling
  • Hangtagging
  • Polybagging
  • Seasonal/Promotional Inserts
  • Value-Add Giveaways
  • Much more!

Inventory Management System

With a 55,000 square foot warehouse, UGP can safely and securely store and inventory your products using our proprietary Inventory Management system. Developed internally to handle a flexible and ever-changing array of products, our software keeps accurate and real-time data on all products in the warehouse and allows for efficient order pulling and shipment. The lean principles behind our Inventory Management systems mean cost savings for you and faster order fulfillment for your customers.

Flexible Shipping Options:

With fast and reliable shipping options, multiple daily pickups, close proximity to major shipping hubs, and access to freight shipping, UGP will make sure your packages ship out quickly and arrive on time. We can custom tailor our shipping options for your orders to meet your budget, hit your deadlines, and give your customers more flexibility and more choices.

  • UPS Shipping
  • FedEx Shipping
  • USPS Shipping
  • FedEx Freight Shipping

Hot Market/Flash Sales

In the era of social media and e-commerce deals, your products can go viral, group purchasing can drive huge purchases overnight, and flash sales can clear inventory in a matter of hours. UGP can help keep you relevant and your orders shipping quickly! Contact us today to find out how our Inventory Management and Fulfillment solutions can be tailored to your next flash sale or other hot market promotion.

With the combination of proprietary technology and highly-trained team members, Underground Printing will work relentlessly to ensure that your customers’ orders are shipped right the first time, every time. Contact us today to learn more about these and other services.

To learn more about Warehousing and Fulfillment or to get a quote on a project, email us at