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Design Custom Things for Your Business: Shirts, Notebooks, Apparel & More

We here at Underground Printing may be best known for our custom apparel and shirts, but aside from that, we also know there are plenty of other things that you may need for your business in addition to the clothing essentials. We’re going to outline three pieces of apparel and three types of supplies that are perfect for any business. With custom design help and fantastic styles, UGP is your top source for any of these things.


1. T-Shirts:

Image result for 3600NLA shirt

Of course, you cannot go wrong with a classic t-shirt. Our custom designed shirts are our bread and butter, and there’s a reason why! Our t-shirts are perfect for anything that you may need, whether it’s an organization or business get-together. Anything apparel related will surely be a hit with co-workers or employees, but the t-shirt is the classic thing to get people excited at any business function. There’s plenty of options available to go with the customizability, whether it’s our combed cotton fitted tees or a heavy cotton shirt, they’re sure to be crowd pleasers. Our shirt designer online is easy to use and even offers templates for whatever idea you may need a little creative boost for.

2. Polos:

Image result for nike dri-fit pebble texture polo

When talking about shirts, polos are the quintessential work-shirt for any line of work. Even in lines of outdoor work, our custom polo options, like the dri-fit from Nike or dri-mesh from Sport Tek, are able to hold up and keep your workers fresh in any weather. Whether it’s in-office or out, our business polos are the perfect option to custom design for employees. With the right amount of class and comfort, business polos hold up in any work environment. Then, of course, you can hit the links after work in one! After all, they aren’t called ‘golf shirts’ for nothing!

3. Quarter-Zip Jackets:


Quarter-zip jackets off the best of the pullover and full-zip all rolled into one! Quarter-zips are versatile enough to wear in just about any situation indoors and outdoors. They also offer just enough of a ‘dress-up’ ability to wear in more professional business settings. Take this UltraClub option, for example. Not only is this perfect to work out in, but you can certainly order a few custom quarter-zips like this and add your custom logo for a perfect in-office option. For a warmer option there’s also the Sport-Tek fleece-lined pullover, which you can wear on those colder days in the office. Super comfortable and even fun to wear, custom business quarter-zips are great to wear for anyone.


1. Mugs:

Apparel is great, but custom supplies for the office are just as important. One of the business essentials is the mug. It is almost the standard to walk into the office, pick up your favorite mug, and go over to the pot of coffee for a cup of joe. Thanks to UGP, we can help make your new favorite mug a custom one with your business logo on it. No matter how many your order is for, we’ll have you covered with high-quality service and mugs. Options like our insulated infinity tumbler as well as our stainless steel option make sure that your drinks will get to and from meetings while keeping warm (or cool). With a mug made custom, your employees and co-workers will be excited to have a go-to mug of their own.

2. Pens:

Image result for bic clic stic pen

A staple on any desk, the custom pen is the perfect thing to make custom for your business. You always need to have quality pens on hand in office, and with UGP you will surely never run out! Even if an employee takes one for themselves, our rate per pen is affordable and we offer plenty of options that will fit the needs of your business. In addition, we offer a variety of sort of pen, some of our favorites being the clic stic and a lovely pendant option. That way, you can get multiple types of custom pens for your office colleagues!

3. Notebooks:

The last of our office supply essentials is the custom business notebook! Things like a handy notebook may be overlooked, but they can be the difference between an organized schedule, and a hectic week -- or month -- or year! We offer custom designs for your business for the cover, and these are perfect for anyone that may need to keep their schedule in check. Like the pens, we offer a variety of options so you can pick and choose which ones to order for you officemates. We even offer an option that includes a pen! But, if you prefer, there are those without as well.

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Softest Men’s Shirts for Custom Printing/Clothing

When men are shopping for the right shirt, the two priorities for your clothing are to make sure it’s stylish and soft. We have recommendations for the softest shirts that any man is sure to love. Even more so, make it your own by custom printing a design on your favorite piece of the clothing. These soft shirts are sure to instantly become man’s new best friend for the warmer months. We have the rundown on our six favorite, and six of the softest, men’s shirts, that are both soft and stylish for yourself. You don’t want to be left out in the cold without the perfect everyday shirt. Snag one for yourself, or give a friend or loved one their soon-to-be new favorite piece of custom clothing.

Next Level Tri-Blend:


Tri-blend shirts are always popular, and oh-so-soft. This style, which in itself can function as a unisex shirt, will look great on you or the favorite man in your life. The 50/25/25 polyester, cotton, rayon blend will always make for a great shirt. When it comes to shirts designed for men, it is hard to beat Next Level. The tri-blend is comfortable and soft, yet breathable and easy to wear on days spent doing nothing, or doing more strenuous activity. Custom print it for a special occasion or to express your love with a fun design printed onto it.


Not only does this shirt have comfort of the style it’s eco-friendly, containing organic & recycled materials. Alternative Apparel make a superb shirt that will look good with a custom print on it, or even without, but every shirt is better when made custom! With so many options in colors, that in itself will make the man in your life happy. Everyone needs a soft environmentally friendly shirt in their arsenal, why not make it this one?

Anvil Lightweight Tee:

Made from 100% ringspun cotton, this shirt is designed for men but, like the others, can certainly be bought for the special woman in your life too. Slightly more breathable than a tri-blend, but just as comfortable and soft, this shirt would look great custom with your company’s logo on it. Or, for a gift, print a favorite picture or funny saying for a loved one. The options are endless with this great option from Anvil.

Champion Cotton Tagless Tee

No one wants to be bothered with a tag on the back of their t-shirt. After all, what good is a shirt’s softness if there’s a scratchy tag on the back. That’s where Champion’s Tagless Tee comes into play! A custom t-shirt is just so much better when soft, and with 100% cotton composition, the softness of this shirt cannot be denied. Get one for a friend, get a whole order for a corporate function, or simply buy a one that you can customize yourself. Either way, clothing as soft as this is a necessity for any man’s wardrobe.

Next Level CVC Crew

Another Next Level shirt on this list shows how they have the softness of men’s t-shirts down to a science. With this cotton/polyester blend, this t-shirt can be custom printed, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing how durable it is for you or a loved one. Coming in a myriad of colors, you can pick whatever one you or your favorite man in life will love most, or whatever shirt color will best fit your company’s next large-scale function. With softness unparalleled to many other shirts, this is the perfect one to buy for you.

Next Level Premium Fitted Longsleeve Crew

Rounding out this list is yet another Next Level shirt, but this one is a bit different than any other on our list thus far. Sometimes, with long sleeve t-shirts, the sacrifice for men is comfort for style. With this 100% ringspun cotton offering from Next Level, that choice no longer needs to be made. This men’s t-shirt offering will look great custom printed with a logo or design of your choosing. Long sleeves are always a reliable clothing option, and with the comfort and softness that this custom t-shirt would offer, how could you pass it up.

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The Softest Women’s Shirts for Custom Printing

With spring finally (nearly) sprung, it is quickly becoming time to break out the t-shirts. For every woman, though, there is nothing like the most perfect, softest shirt, perhaps custom printed, for the spring and summer months. Who doesn’t want a soft and comfortable shirt that they can live in for the warmer months? These six options of that perfect custom printed t-shirt each give everything a woman could want in a shirt, from style, to comfort, to the additional custom touch to make it their own. These styles are, as highlighted, specifically designed for women and they are ideal for any woman to get for herself, or another special woman in their life.

Next Level Tri-Blend:

Not only does Next Level make a stellar men’s shirt, but all they also make an outstanding shirt designed for women! Starting with Next Level, this tri-blend option is made specifically with women in mind for wearing. As everyone knows, a tri-blend shirt is a great option for any sort of gift or even a corporate function, this is the perfect shirt to order for a group to impress. With custom printing offered, dress to impress with this soft shirt.

Bella + Canvas Tri-Blend Tee:

Moving back to a Bella + Canvas tri-blend shirt, this time modeled for women, it comes with all the positives of any other piece of Bella clothing with the added super-soft material of a tri-blend shirt. On its own, this is the perfect shirt for anyone in any occasion, but when made custom, it turns into a new favorite everyday shirt, or the perfect clothing for a gift. Even the design itself is stylish no matter which color you get. When it comes to comfort, the custom tri-blend t-shirt is always a fantastic option for any special woman in your life.

Hanes Ladies X-Temp Tri-Blend Tee:

This women’s tri-blend tee is a great innovative lightweight option, that has a slightly tapered fit. This garment has FreshIQ™ advanced odor protection technology and attacks the odor-causing bacteria — so now you can feel fresh all day. This shirt also has a UPF rating of 40+ for protection against harmful UV rays. The perfect shirt for a sunny day, you can wear it for any physical activity. It is also comfortable enough to simply wear around the house. The choices are endless, and they are all up to you. Make the choice of customization and keep cool in a cool new shirt.


Softness with your clothing should not just be limited to the soft sleeve t-shirt. This women’s fitted tank is the ideal piece of clothing for any summer day, or workout session. Made with 100% ringspun cotton and a tear away tag, there is no way you’ll be uncomfortable in one of the softest t-shirts in our stores. Tanks are also always cooler when custom printed, so add your own personal touch to what will surely be a clothing staple in your wardrobe.

Bella Ladies Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee:

V-necks have always been in-style, for men and women alike. But this all-cotton option is the perfect option for any women looking for that next perfect v-neck t-shirt for their wardrobe. Coming in plenty of color options, it is the perfect durable fit for any woman in need of an every shirt. The custom t-shirt process also allows you to do as you wish when it comes to a design. Make a custom shirt for your workplace’s next function, or give one as a gift. The choices are endless.

Bella Ladies Relaxed Lightweight Longsleeve Dolman Tee:

Bella’s offerings of shirts for women are outstanding in softness and style. They offer perfect comfort, while also making sure you look good in their clothing. A 65/35 blend of polyester and viscose means this shirt is one of the softest you can find, and will still look good if you choose to add a custom print on it. The fit is described as flowy and off the shoulders, which makes it perfect for lounging around the house, or going for a night out. Beware that this choice does run small, so we recommend any women buying to choose a size up for the shirt to be safe.

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The Softest Hoodies for Custom Printing/Clothing

Spring is here, and it’s time to ditch the winter jackets! But what for? How about a new, soft, custom printed hoodie? With our six choices of some of the softest hoodies you can find, both men and women will love any of these hoodie options. Whether you wish to custom print your own perfect design on one for yourself, or perhaps as a piece of custom printed clothing for a friend, the possibilities are endless and wide-open. It is easy and fun to design your own hoodie, and the look on the face of the person you gift it to will be priceless. Or, you can simply get it for yourself!


Alternative Rocky Eco-Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie:


A perfect unisex option for a hoodie, this eco-friendly fleece is a slim fit that looks perfect on men or women. This hoodies has all the soft comfort of a t-shirt, but the additional warmth with longer sleeves and a hood. Get it custom printed with something on the back, or on the front (or both) and make a special someone happy on any occasion.


J. America Cosmic Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt:

Zip-up hoodies are great, but everyone needs a good pullover too. A looser fit, but just as cozy. Anyone would be lucky to have this hoodie in their wardrobe. If you choose to make it custom, whether as a gift for a special man or woman in your life, or simply for yourself, even better! Pullovers are the perfect everyday piece of clothing, why not get a soft one for living in?


Canvas Tri-Blend Sponge Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie:

Fleece will keep you warm, but it is plenty soft as well. With the ability to make custom this option as well, men and women of any age will love this hoodie, especially if you print a fun personal picture or phrase on it. Clothing makes the man or woman, and when you dress the one you love in something personally custom printed, the clothing (or in this case, the hoodie) takes that next step into ‘favorite piece of clothing’ territory.


 Independent Trading Co. Special Blend Raglan Crewneck Sweatshirt:

We have talked about pullovers, we’ve talked about zip-ups, but for men and women alike, there is nothing like a crewneck sweatshirt to keep you looking stylish. A custom printed crewneck that is as soft as this one Independent Trading Co. is a necessity for any men or women’s closets. A 52/48 polyester/cotton blend when with the softness of the sweatshirt, you’re also getting durability. The last thing you want is a custom printed sweatshirt, made with love, lasting two washes. It is casual, yet looks dressed up enough to wear out on a date night. The men or women in your life will love this on you.


J. America Sport Lace Hooded Sweatshirt:

The ‘lace’ in the name does not refer to the fabric material, but rather the laces of the sweatshirt itself. Styled just like a hockey jersey, the fit is perfect for both men and women who love the idea of staying warm, yet looking as fashionable as ever. This sweatshirt would look fantastic custom printed with a logo of an intramural hockey team, or any sports team. You could also custom print non-sports related things on this hoodie as a gift or for yourself. Whatever you choose, you will look fresh in this hoodie.


 Charles River Adult Short Sleeve Hoodie

Featuring a 60/40 blend, this short sleeve hoodie may not be fit for braving the elements on its own, but paired with layers, this soft hoodie is perfect to add comfort to your outfit. The unisex style is perfect for both men and women to wear, and with the short sleeves, you have the added option of wearing it around the house without the fear of getting too warm. With how soft this hoodie is, that’s a good thing, because you won’t want to take it off! Add your own flair with a custom printing and make this article of clothing a staple in your around-the-house, or out of the house, everyday outfit.

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Underground Printing loves March Madness basketball!

With store locations on dozens of college campuses there is always friendly rivalry when it comes time to fill out our brackets. Last year we had a front row seat with two of our official license partner schools, Loyola of Chicago and the University of Michigan, making the Final Four in San Antonio, Texas. This year, we’re hoping for more of the same in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The 2018 national semi final game was Michigan vs Loyola, and who couldn't help but root for sister Jean? Even though Loyola was matched up against our home town Michigan Wolverines, we were excited for the match up. Ultimately Michigan pulled out the win and despite losing to the Villanova Wildcats, its was a great season. Needless to say all the excitement was a big driver of t-shirt sales and we had our screen printing presses running customer designs and retail t-shirt orders the whole time! With custom t-shirts for all sorts of schools, we are always proud to see school that have campus sites on impress the nation on the biggest stage of them all.

UGP has 3 Ann Arbor, Michigan, store fronts (www.ugpmichiganapparel.com) plus the Bo store (www.bo.team) which puts us right in the heart of the action for bracketology, selling custom t-shirts to Wolverines fans, and as a proud partner to the University of Michigan, we were certainly pulling for the Wolverines last year, and will continue to do so despite some tough competition from teams like Michigan State and Purdue, where we also have campus locations!  

The Michigan State Spartans are co-Big Ten Champions, thanks to a couple of big victories over the Michigan Wolverines. They snagged the overall number one seed in the Big Ten Tournament over Purdue, and have put themselves in great position for the big dance in March! With a Big Ten Conference Player of the Year on their roster, as well as a legendary coach, they are the last team to win a championship as a member of the Big Ten, and they’re hungry for another one.

UGP has a great chance to have four campus local store locations with strong seeds in place for the duration of the tournament. We’ve mentioned Michigan and Michigan State, but the University of Kentucky Wildcats and North Carolina Tar Heels have put themselves in strong position for a number one seed.

North Carolina have doled out a pair of losses to their in-state rival, and foe in perhaps the biggest collegiate basketball rivalry, Duke! These pair of victories have them sitting pretty heading into Selection Sunday, as they will hope for their name to get called a one seed. They got past an early season loss to Michigan and have bounced back strong. We’re excited to root the Tar Heels on as they gear up for what they hope to be their sixth Final Four under head coach Roy Williams. We have great custom t-shirts for any Tar Heels fan in your life, including player-specific ones for the likes of Theo Pinson and Jackie Manuel.

When it comes to exceptional basketball, Kentucky fans know a thing or two about that. With four Final Four trips under master recruiter John Calipari, an innovator when it comes to that aspect of college basketball, the Wildcats have remained right on top of the SEC even with a pair of additional top-ten ranked teams. As Cats fans gear up to watch their team roar into yet another NCAA Tournament, make sure your loved ones are geared up in the right attire.

We are also excited for some of our partner schools that are classified as being considered ‘mid-majors’, or outside the Power-Six conferences, to perform in March for a second straight year! Houston is setting themselves up for a possible two seed in the NCAA Tournament. Despite the shot heard ‘round the world last March by Michigan to knock Houston out of the tournament, we couldn’t help but feel a little bit bad for them. With how well both Michigan and Houston are performing, it wouldn’t be until later in the tournament for the two teams to meet. Buffalo is riding into March strong as well. After their shocking upset of Arizona last March, no one is overlooking them this time around. Finally, Murray State have one of the most exciting players in college basketball and will enter the NCAA Tournament on an eleven-game win streak. There is no time like the end of March for a team to get hot, and that is what the Racers are doing this year.

Of course, with the reach that UGP is thrilled to have, these four schools aren’t the only ones we’re pulling for this season! With an on-campus sites at Wisconsin, along with Michigan, Michigan State, and Purdue, we are proud to have UGP locations at all top four seeds in the Big Ten Conference. Of course, as even, teams are looking strong in what is always a tough conference, and fans can dress themselves in custom t-shirts to their favorite team. We are also proud to have UGP locations at Iowa and Indiana. While Indiana fans may be sweating it out on the bubble, at least with Underground Printing’s custom t-shirts for Indiana fans, you can look stylish while doing so.

Speaking of the bubble, while Indiana may be on the outside looking in right now, we will be pulling for them and our several other partner schools who will be relieved when/if they hear their name of Selection Sunday. Belmont has been one of the top teams teams in a mid-major conference, but a loss to Murray State (another partner school!) has them sweating things out. We support teams teams like Creighton and Seton Hall from the Big East as well, both of whom are trying to play themselves into good positioning through the Big East Tournament. Custom t-shirts for your favorite school are a great way to show pride, regardless of whether or not your favorite team’s ‘bubble’ is popped.

With how many Division I basketball programs Underground Printing makes attire for, it’s no wonder why we love March so much! We are grateful that our campus partners continue to perform and give fans reasons to cheer, and we are alson thrilled that fans choose to continue to show their school spirit in custom t-shirts for their favorite team. We love March Madness and being close to the tournament action every year in a multitude of locations!

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Custom T-Shirt Ideas For Men and Women

All sorts of reasons are ideal for the gift of clothing for any men or women in your life. No matter who you are, or what type of group you may be involved in, a personalized t-shirt is always a great custom gift idea to get for yourself or an entire group. With so many occasions that a custom tee would be perfect in, it can be tough to narrow down your options. With today’s blog post, we’re going to highlight five of the perfect groups of people, men or women, or occasions where, or to whom, giving a custom t-shirt would be a great idea. 

  1. College Students:

There are truly endless amounts of ideas when it comes to what college students can use a custom t-shirt for. Whether it could be for a student organization, a Greek life shirt for a fraternity or sorority, or even for alumni, personalized shirts are the way to go when looking for a gift for college students’ organizations, be it for men or for women at university. After all, what could be a better idea than building your organization’s name through a personalized piece of clothing to wear and show off?

Photo: Designed using our Custom Design Template


  1. Sports Teams:

While you can express yourself with play, why not also do so through your personalized choice of clothing as well? A custom shirt for your whole team is a great idea and can serve as a perfect ‘uniform’ for your team. Personalized tees are a great way to build some team spirit with your intramural collegiate side, or perhaps a Sunday League soccer team with your friends. Whomever you play with, the gift of clothing is an idea that your team will love.


 Photo Credit : Sarah W.

  1. Family Outings:

A family reunion, vacation, or large-scale event all are outstanding opportunities to equip your family with the custom clothing they will love. When the entire family is together, getting a custom shirt to commemorate the occasion is not only a fantastic idea, but it makes for the perfect keepsake. Spare any concerns for getting a different gift for age groups or the men and the women of the family, your personalized clothing in honor of the big outing is an outstanding gift idea for all involved.

Photo Credit : Bonnie H.

  1. Weddings:

A family member, or best friend, is getting married! Now you are the best man, or head bridesmaid! What better way to celebrate the occasion than to gift your friends matching

custom t-shirts? Clothing like a personalized tee is the perfect way to express your love for someone who is getting married while also keep it fun and light-hearted. No matter whether it may be personalized for a bachelor or bachelorette party, men and women alike will adore the idea of a personalized shirt for their special day.

Photo Credit : Ashley S.

  1. Fundraising:

You have a special organization that’s near and dear to your heart, why not get some personalized shirts for it and spread awareness? Clothing to the masses is a great way to get your organization’s, or cause’s, name out to a huge amount of people. This is perfect for a big event, or simply just to make others aware of your work. Add your own custom touch to a cause that you care deeply about. Use them as a gift for those who help you work hard, or use the personalized clothing as a fundraising method in and of themselves. Either way, custom clothing is a perfect idea for a fundraising opportunity.

Photo Credit: Savannah B.

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Custom Clothing and Personalized Gifts

When it comes to custom clothing, there are so many ways you can make a personalized gift. Whether it is for a birthday, a corporate event, or simply ‘just because’, any occasion is the right one to give a custom article of clothing as a gift.

You can get anything custom and/or personalized, and the more thoughtful the gift, the better. Here in this blog post, I’m going to outline five of the perfect things you can give as a personalized gift to a loved one, your staff, or a client. Whether it is a holiday, event, or a business, it is always the right time to give a custom gift with that personalized touch.

Hanes Tagless T-Shirt:(https://undergroundshirts.com/collections/t-shirts-basic/products/hanes-tagless-t-shirt):

The basic t-shirt is always a crowd pleaser. It is a piece of clothing that everyone will wear, and love. Adding your own personalized brand mark on a tee and giving it out at your organization’s next meeting is perfect. Or, perhaps, you have that perfect inside joke with a friend. Why not put it on a custom shirt and give it to them as a gift on the next holiday or birthday? As a bonus, this shirt is tagless, coming without the irritation of a tag scratching the back of the neck of the wearer.

Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt:


The long sleeve shirt is always “in”, and never more so than during the winter months when it’s time to break out the warmer clothing in your wardrobe. This style is 100% cotton and a traditional fit, the perfect balance of style and comfort. Short sleeve t-shirts shouldn’t be the only style that get all the customization love. Indeed, when it comes to personalized clothing, you will certainly look fashionable and warm in a personalized long sleeve tee.

Augusta Reversible Mini Mesh Basketball Jersey:


While for a more specific purpose, the basketball jersey is perhaps one of the most comfortable of all the sports clothing. Whether you are a member of an intramural sports squad at university, or a weekend league with some old friends, or perhaps a league with coworkers, a custom jersey is the perfect way to show some company pride when taking the court. Make it personalized to show off your company, or squad, spirit!

Hit Promo Mirrored Sunglasses:


This fun giveaway idea for a corporate function, or a summer party, sunglasses should not be overlooked as a personalized gift opportunity. Avoid the worries about picking the right sizes of clothing for coworkers at your next function, or get a family member or friend the perfect thoughtful summer gift. As a bonus, kids will love the fun of custom sunglasses just as much.

Rabbit Skins Lap Shoulder Onesie - Infant:


There is perhaps no better baby shower gift than a cute onesie. Why not create your own? Make custom this onesie for the special baby in your life. Pick your favorite color and choose the perfect personalized thought for the outfit, and gift it over for a holiday, or perhaps a baby shower. Any way you choose the mother and/or father will thank you for it, after all, babies can always use the extra clothing.

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Top 5 Hooded Sweatshirts of 2019 for both Men and Women

If you are in the midwest right now, you are currently trying to survive the Polar Vortex 2019. There are a lot of strategies in play, but there is nothing cozier and warmer than your favorite custom printed hooded sweatshirt.

I’m going to outline our top 5 favorite hoodies that will not only keep you warm in sub-freezing weather, but look great with a logo printed or embroidered on it - from your business, group, organization, or event.

1) Champion Reverse Weave Hood - this is a super thick 12 oz sweatshirt that is one of the warmest options out there. Champion is enjoying a resurgence and is known for their reverse-weave technology.

2) Charles River Adult Coach Short Sleeve Hoodie - ok, so maybe the short sleeves aren’t exactly going to keep the cold out, but this style is all the rage, made popular by a certain coach of a certain football team out of New England.

3) Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt - our most popular hooded sweatshirt, perfect for any group. At an average thickness of 7.75 oz, can be used on cool days as outerwear or as a layering piece for those polar vortexes!

4) J America Striped Poly Fleece Hooded Pullover Sweatshirt - this performance style hooded sweatshirt features the ever popular “scuba neckline” to help protect your neck on those cold winter days.

5) J. America Sport Lace Hooded Sweatshirt - This hockey-style hoodie with the criss-cross laces is a real throwback. Great if you are looking for a unique (but warm) look!

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