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  • Custom Clothing and Personalized Gifts
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    Ulysses G. Pearson

Custom Clothing and Personalized Gifts

When it comes to custom clothing, there are so many ways you can make a personalized gift. Whether it is for a birthday, a corporate event, or simply ‘just because’, any occasion is the right one to give a custom article of clothing as a gift.

You can get anything custom and/or personalized, and the more thoughtful the gift, the better. Here in this blog post, I’m going to outline five of the perfect things you can give as a personalized gift to a loved one, your staff, or a client. Whether it is a holiday, event, or a business, it is always the right time to give a custom gift with that personalized touch.

Hanes Tagless T-Shirt:(https://undergroundshirts.com/collections/t-shirts-basic/products/hanes-tagless-t-shirt):

The basic t-shirt is always a crowd pleaser. It is a piece of clothing that everyone will wear, and love. Adding your own personalized brand mark on a tee and giving it out at your organization’s next meeting is perfect. Or, perhaps, you have that perfect inside joke with a friend. Why not put it on a custom shirt and give it to them as a gift on the next holiday or birthday? As a bonus, this shirt is tagless, coming without the irritation of a tag scratching the back of the neck of the wearer. 

Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-Shirt:


The long sleeve shirt is always “in”, and never more so than during the winter months when it’s time to break out the warmer clothing in your wardrobe. This style is 100% cotton and a traditional fit, the perfect balance of style and comfort. Short sleeve t-shirts shouldn’t be the only style that get all the customization love. Indeed, when it comes to personalized clothing, you will certainly look fashionable and warm in a personalized long sleeve tee.

Augusta Reversible Mini Mesh Basketball Jersey:


While for a more specific purpose, the basketball jersey is perhaps one of the most comfortable of all the sports clothing. Whether you are a member of an intramural sports squad at university, or a weekend league with some old friends, or perhaps a league with coworkers, a custom jersey is the perfect way to show some company pride when taking the court. Make it personalized to show off your company, or squad, spirit!

Hit Promo Mirrored Sunglasses:


This fun giveaway idea for a corporate function, or a summer party, sunglasses should not be overlooked as a personalized gift opportunity. Avoid the worries about picking the right sizes of clothing for coworkers at your next function, or get a family member or friend the perfect thoughtful summer gift. As a bonus, kids will love the fun of custom sunglasses just as much.

Rabbit Skins Lap Shoulder Onesie - Infant:


There is perhaps no better baby shower gift than a cute onesie. Why not create your own? Make custom this onesie for the special baby in your life. Pick your favorite color and choose the perfect personalized thought for the outfit, and gift it over for a holiday, or perhaps a baby shower. Any way you choose the mother and/or father will thank you for it, after all, babies can always use the extra clothing.

  • Post author
    Ulysses G. Pearson

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