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Custom T-Shirts - Affordable custom printed t-shirts and apparel from Underground Printing, offering online ordering with no minimums, no set up fees and no art fee. Custom T-Shirts - Affordable custom printed t-shirts and apparel from Underground Printing, offering online ordering with no minimums, no set up fees and no art fee.

9 Best Corporate Merchandise Ideas for Employees in 2022

9 Best Corporate Merchandise Ideas for Employees in 2022

Taran Dobbins
8 minute read

Coming up with ideas for corporate merchandise can be confusing with so many different options available. Like with any decision involving money, you must weigh the pros and cons of each product you’re considering. 


Even though there are several different ways to accomplish this task, corporate branding in combination with something that provides utility helps people associate your brand in a positive light which can help improve your brand image in the long run.


That said, designing t-shirts may seem daunting and you may feel like you require a graphic designer. However, with sites like Underground Printing, you can Include your company logo on the merchandise of your choice without any design experience.


Although it may seem a bit difficult if you're just getting started, you'll find that finding corporate merchandise ideas are easy, but finding the best ones is difficult. Luckily, this article helps you get things straight.

9 Best Corporate Merchandise Ideas in 2022


1. Oakley Team Issue Hydrolix Hooded Sweatshirt

Everyone loves a comfortable hoodie and this option from Oakley is one of the best for corporate merchandise. It comes from recycled polyester, and this soft sweatshirt comes with a convenient front pocket, making it suitable when going out and when at home.

These are available in seven different colors and sizes from small to 4XL, One corporate merchandise idea for this hoodie would be to include embroidery or a custom print of your corporate logo or company name on it. Regardless, you’ll find this soft hoodie is something anyone will feel happy to receive.

2. Augusta Slugger Jersey

A company’s success depends significantly on teamwork. Nothing says teamwork like a sports jersey. Regardless of whether it’s for a company sports event or just driving home the fact that everyone has an important role to play, this jersey from Augusta is a great option.


It is available in up to 12 different colors and 5 sizes, so this sports t-shirt is one of the better corporate merchandise ideas to play around with. When it comes to customizing these shirts you can use embroidery or prints on your jerseys if you so choose. 


That said, team jerseys look effortlessly cool paired with jeans, and with the company logo on them, anyone will know you and your colleagues are playing to win.


3. Econscious Organic Cotton Twill Trucker Hat


When it comes to hats that are environmentally conscious, this option from Econscious Organic is a great choice. It comes from 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled polyester and comes in 9 different colors.


Econscious is a company that’s passionate about conserving the environment, as they aim to produce and sell products that make use of recycled material. Besides this, Econscious company donates 1% of all its revenue to the For The Planet charity.


This hat is available for embroidery, making it perfect to show off your logo. The Econscious Organic Trucker Hat is a stylish option that suits any situation for a gift.


4. Custom Printed Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

T-shirts are the best gift because they’re comfortable for anyone regardless of gender. You can also work to go out or in the comfort of your home. Most people spend the majority of their lives at work, and this corporate t-shirt can serve as something to show for it. 

With an astounding 66 different colors to pick from, this t-shirt is an excellent option. The cotton polyester blend is excellent, gender-neutral, and lightweight. With great quality given the price, this t-shirt using this option to create your corporate merchandise is a move you can’t wrong with.

5. Jetline 15oz Bistro Style Ceramic Mug`

Mugs are great to use at home and in your office. These are a great gift choice given that it lasts a lot longer than t-shirts. This mug from Jetline is great for corporate merchandise. It is available in four different colors, but you can only clean this stylish mug by hand.

This mug is microwave safe, practical, and need not be overthought. So, for any firm looking for an excellent way to execute brand merchandise that lasts, this ceramic mug is a brilliant corporate merchandise idea.

6. Puma 25l Backpack


With padded and adjustable shoulder straps, this sleek black bag is a stylish option that people wouldn’t hesitate to use every day. This 25-liter puma backpack comes with a front pocket and a side pocket, making it convenient to store your belongings even when on the go.

The ventilated black panel helps you feel comfortable when it’s worn for long durations. It comes from 600D Polyester, so this bag from Puma is one of the classier corporate merchandise options.

7. Liberty Bags Canvas Tote with Contrasting Handles

If you’re looking to add utility for your employees, this tote bag has great value given its price.  Tote bags are practical and affordable to gift employees. They are also lightweight, making them convenient to carry along with your current baggage. The Liberty Canvas Tote Bag comes with contrasting 22" handles in five different colors.


Created with 100% cotton canvas, this tote bag is sturdy, looks classy, and is surprisingly affordable. It is perfect to use at the farmer’s market or grocery store, so going with a tote bag is one of the smarter corporate merchandise options.

8. Hit Promo 24oz Banded Gripper Bottle with Straw

If you want to hit the gym or keep your face clear, drinking water is a necessity. This water bottle from Hit Promo is a corporate merchandise idea that employees can carry along with them on their trips. It is available in seven different colors, and with a sip-top lid, this water bottle is both practical and stylish.


The Hit Promo 24oz Bottle comes with silicone bands to ensure it doesn’t slip from your hands.  The bottle is also shatter-resistant, making it an excellent choice for long treks and any other adventure.

9. Quikflip 2 in 1 Dryflip Rain Jacket

If you live anywhere where it rains a lot, rain jackets are the practical way to go. They are available in two different colors and seven different sizes. The Quikflip 2-in-1 Dryflip Rain looks stylish and sleek. It is convenient to use with its front pockets, and the product comes with 100% durable nylon and an interior waterproof coating.


With elastic cuffs and an adjustable hem, the jacket leaves you feeling comfortable and protected from the rain. If you’re looking for corporate merchandise ideas that save the day, this raincoat is a fitting choice for customized merchandise.



There are several corporate merchandise ideas that are fitting for your company. However, when it comes to creating customized corporate merchandise, it’s important to lean towards products that are fitting for your brand image.

In customizing your merchandise, several websites like Underground Printing offer fitting customization options. While traditionally, you’d have a designer work on your t-shirt mock-ups, Underground Printing has an online easy-to-use design platform perfect for beginners.

This list features merchandise and products that your employees are likely to appreciate and see as practical. While any merchandise can get the job done, making sure your products are classy and well-made definitely goes a long way.


What are some of the more affordable corporate merchandise ideas?

When it comes to affordability the Liberty Canvas Tote and the Custom Printed Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt are great options. They are perfect for everyday use and practical to take with you on trips. These two products are quite suitable for branding.


What are some good corporate merchandise ideas to encourage fitness?The Hit Promo 24oz Banded Gripper Bottle with Straw and the Augusta Slugger Jersey are some merchandise options that encourage physical activity and fitness. 

What are good corporate merchandise ideas for raising team morale?The Oakley Team Issue Hydrolix Hooded Sweatshirt and the Augusta Slugger Jersey are excellent options that help drive home the idea of everyone being a team player. They’re also comfortable and look outstanding when customized with your company name or logo.


What are some corporate merchandise ideas that are fitting for finance executives?

The Jetline 15oz Bistro Style Ceramic Mug and the Quikflip 2-in-1 Dryflip Rain Jacket are stylish and sleek options that look great for formal or semi-formal office wear.

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