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Because sometimes Custom Apparel needs even more Individuality!

When your group or team needs that individual customization to make sure everyone is unique, our personalization options will get the job done. Whether for your company kickball team, an intramural volleyball squad, or 4 friends getting embroidered names for their bowling team, UGP has the right options to make sure everyone knows your name!

Vinyl Names & Numbers

Because personalization would be prohibitively expensive to screenprint on each shirt, vinyl heat sealed names & numbers are used to customize shirts. Check out the color chart for available colors and be sure to match your print color to the color of Vinyl Heat-Pressed Name or Number you choose. Personalization will add cost and time to the production of your order.

Don't worry, this isn't some flimsy vinyl heat transfer. This is super-durable and wear-resistant material, that will last a very long time (most likely longer than the shirt its on!). 

Personalized Names: $5

• Jersey size/style names on the back of a garment

Personalized Numbers: $3 (per two-digit number)

• Jersey size/style numbers on the front or back of a garment

Embroidered Personalized Names

Small individual names can be embroidered on garments (maximum width is 6 inches wide). We have a number of stock fonts to choose from. Personalization will add cost and time to the production of your order.

Personalized Embroidered Names: $8

• Small embroidered names on the front of a garment

Personalized Embroidered Numbers: $6 (per two-digit number)

Small embroidered numbers on the front or back neck of a garment

Sim-Stitch Heat-Pressed Named & Numbers

Want that embroidered look of a large name or number on a jersey? Sim-Stitch Letters are Heat-Pressed on to the shirt, but have a embroidered look to them without that expensive embroidered price. Colors are limited, please consult with our sales staff for a list of currently available colors and character sizes.