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Custom T-Shirts - Affordable custom printed t-shirts and apparel from Underground Printing, offering online ordering with no minimums, no set up fees and no art fee. Custom T-Shirts - Affordable custom printed t-shirts and apparel from Underground Printing, offering online ordering with no minimums, no set up fees and no art fee.

Custom Printed Gear for All of Your University Needs

Custom Printed Gear for All of Your University Needs

Ryan Makuch
6 minute read

Whether you’re in Greek life, running a student org, or working closely with your academic department, custom apparel is ALWAYS a hit! We at Underground Printing know just how busy college life can be, after all, we have dozens of store locations on campuses all over the United States! The process of designing custom shirts or any other apparel for your student group can be intimidating and cause stress when you already have enough to worry about. Fear not -- we’re here to help! We want to show you just how easy it is to design your own custom apparel. 

Designing Made Easy

Designing your own custom apparel should be fun and easy! When you make a custom shirt, we want it to be a relaxed process and to make sure it ends with you getting exactly what you hoped for. Our online designer is SUPER easy to use and we have our own templates that are available for you to use if you’re not sure where to start. If you have your own ideas, though, that’s great too! We allow you to upload images and get exactly what you envision on an order of custom shirts or custom hats of your own. If you’re a returning customer, even better! We save your designs and also have a customer profile specifically for you, so you can come back to any designs you may have been testing out in our designer, or if you need more shirts or apparel for your student group, we can simply recall those and place another order of however many you may need. Designing on your own is easy and painless, but even if that may be a bit intimidating still, our great staff can help out too.

You’ll Never Walk Alone 

One of the best things about working with Underground Printing is that we have an experienced sales staff on hand to help you out. What makes our team so great? They not only help with designing, but they are extremely well-versed in all sorts of collegiate branding and licensing agreements that we may have with your university. We have in-house graphic designers, sales managers, marketers, and so many more that all have one goal: helping you end up with the best possible custom apparel. We also make it a point to have members of our team focus on areas that they love. So if you choose to walk into one of our local Underground Printing stores, you know you’ll be helped out by someone who cares deeply about the local community and the University, just like you! Our staff is available to help via email, phone, in-store, or via chat on our website. 

The Price is Right

We understand that college student groups often have to stretch their dollar as far as it can go which is why our philosophy is: equal access to custom apparel for all! We will work within your budget to offer competitive pricing solutions. We achieve this because we have TONS of great apparel selections, including plenty of cost-effective options with the same high-quality materials and printing as the brand names. We want you to have a great experience ordering with us, and that includes getting you the best custom apparel at the best price. Let us know what your budget is, and we guarantee we can help you find the right apparel for you.

Decisions, Decisions...

One of the reasons we are so confident in being able to find the right apparel for you is because of just how many apparel options we have available. Our full catalog has everything you could possibly want -- from custom shirts to custom pants, even custom jackets. All of our different categories of apparel have tons of different garments to choose from, each with its own unique colors, as well. You are always going to be able to find a garment that is right for you with the colors that match your group’s logo to perfection. We’re also aware that the number of garments we have can be intimidating in its own way. That’s why we also have a list of some of our most popular products as a starting point or you can always speak with a Sales Manager who is ready to help! Like we’ve said, we want this process to be as easy and stress-free as possible for you.

Online Group Ordering Made Easy

Another great advantage of working with Underground Printing is how easy it is to start your own online store. Gone are the days of needing to take everyone’s sizes and color preferences, and if they want multiple of any given garment. With our online store options, you can make sure everyone gets what they want with ease. Whether you want a pop-up online store, a full-service online store, or printing on demand, we can take care of it, saving you even more time and effort so you can focus on schoolwork, interacting with friends and loved ones, and making sure your student org is the best it can be.

Let’s Get Started

How do you get started making custom apparel with Underground Printing? It’s simple no matter your experience level! Start by choosing your favorite custom apparel garment if you already have one in mind. If not, look at our full catalog until you do find something that piques your interest. 

If you are totally new and this process is overwhelming, don’t worry about that either! We have four super easy, equally great, ways to contact us. You can give us a call at our toll-free number (800-242-4787). You can also reach out to us via email at help@undergroundshirts.com. We also have a chat feature available on all pages of our website. Last but not least, feel free to visit us in any of our store locations in one of fifteen different states.

We love making custom apparel simple, fun, and easy, and we love working with student groups. After all, UGP was founded in a college dorm room by two busy students.

PS: Did you know that we are licensed to print branded collegiate apparel for over 1,000+ college and universities. We handle all the nitty gritty for you -- licensing use applications, approvals, fees, and more! Click here to view our full list of college and universities. 

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