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About Us - Fun Facts

  • UGP has been ranked on the Inc Magazine fastest growing companies list for 7 years.
  • UGP is proud to be an official vendor of Greek and Collegiate Licensed Products. We hold over 200 greek and collegiate licenses.
  • We produce over 2.4 million impressions a year!
  • UGP's owners have been best friends since 6th grade and started the company in their sophomore year of college.
  • We can (and have) printed 20,000 shirts in 8 hours. And we weren't even tired...
  • In 2006, UGP printed retail merchandise for Super Bowl XL, the NBA Finals, the MLB World Series, the Motor City Bowl, and the International Bowl. Not sure what happened with Lord Stanley!
  • We have moved our production facility 3 times. We hope to never have to move it again.
  • Our logo, the "pinwheel", is actually the top down schematic view of one of our automatic screenprinting presses.
  • We have actually sold the shirt off our back (while running a merchandise booth at the Great Lakes Folk Festival)! Still working on selling the ice to Eskimos though.