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Webstores and Fulfillment

Create and sell custom t-shirts & more

Finding the right fulfillment solution can be a challenge. You need a partner you can trust to handle inventory, production, shipping, and customer service--all while remaining affordable and transparent. Thankfully, Underground Printing has had over 18 years to develop three different online ordering solutions: Traditional Webstores, Merch by UGP, and POGO (Painless Online Group Ordering).

Traditional Webstores

Ready for a Traditional Webstore? We’re experts at setting up professional, online storefronts for brands, businesses, and more. We’ll help you produce high-quality apparel, manage inventory, and provide exceptional customer service.

Perfect For: Corporate Apparel, University Retail, Franchise Apparel Ordering, and More!

Merch by UGP

Need help making and selling great merch? Merch by UGP is here to help! This Print On Demand solution makes selling your design easy while avoiding large up-front fees and worrying about inventory.

Perfect For: Restaurants, Bands, Artists, Non-Profits and More!

POGO (Painless Online Group Ordering)

Trying to coordinate sizes and collect money for a group? Selling shirts for a fundraiser? POGO by UGP is here to help! Our easy-to-use site lets you avoid set-up fees, save time, and wow your community with awesome custom apparel.

Perfect For: Fundraising, Family Reunions, Team Shop & More!

What Option is Best For You?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) How do I know if a Traditional Webstore or Print On Demand store is better for me?

A Traditional Webstore involves printed inventory and a longer set-up, but it has more product options. A Print On Demand store doesn’t require inventory and has a quicker set-up but is limited to our Print On Demand catalog. Both offer great quality and excellent customer service. If you need help talking through the pros and cons, reach out to our Webstore Team at webstores@undergroundshirts.com!

2.) How long does it take to set up a webstore? What about a Print On Demand?

It typically takes 4 weeks to set up a Webstore and 1 to 2 weeks to set up a Print On Demand store. The majority of that time is determining what products to offer.

3.) Can you integrate with other sites/e-commerce platforms?

At this time, traditional Webstores can integrate with existing Shopify stores. Print On Demand stores cannot integrate with existing Shopify sites or other e-commerce platforms like Etsy, WooCommerce, etc.

4.) What does it cost to set up a Webstore?

Please reach out to our Webstore Team at webstores@undergroundshirts.com for an official quote.

5.) Do you offer printed samples?

Yes, we do offer printed samples. However, the cost and timeline for a printed sample will vary.

6.) What products can we offer in our Webstore?

Traditional webstores can offer both apparel and hard goods. Print on demand stores are limited to the items found in our Print On Demand catalog.

7.) How long does it take for orders to ship?

All orders will ship within 48 business hours.

8.) Does UGP provide customer service for Webstore customers?

Yes, we do provide customer service for both types of Webstore customers. This includes ordering assistance, returns, and exchanges. If you need help with a Webstore order, please reach out to support@undergroundshirts.com.