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Custom T-Shirts - Affordable custom printed t-shirts and apparel from Underground Printing, offering online ordering with no minimums, no set up fees and no art fee. Custom T-Shirts - Affordable custom printed t-shirts and apparel from Underground Printing, offering online ordering with no minimums, no set up fees and no art fee.

6 Best Custom Embroidery Designs in 2022

6 Best Custom Embroidery Designs in 2022

Taran Dobbins
7 minute read

When it comes to creating custom merchandise for businesses, there are several different options, however, custom embroidery keeps things classy. While several corporate companies and organizations make use of printed t-shirts, embroidery on clothing and caps is a great way of going that extra step.

There’s a common misconception that custom embroidery is expensive, but it can be reasonably priced when ordered in the right quantity. That said, it can be intimidating with so many companies and merchandising options available.

So, to make things easier, in the article we’ll go over everything you need to know about custom embroidery designs on merchandise.

What Is Custom Embroidery?

Custom Embroidery is the process of embroidering custom logos or designs on merchandise for corporate, personal, or retail purposes. When it comes to branding and designing clothing or accessories, making use of custom embroidery designs is a great way to go.

These days, embroidery has been made surprisingly cost-effective and fast with the use of computerized embroidery that allows a wide variety of designs to be embroidered. While it does cover a wide variety of designs, you must keep in mind that raster-based designs and photographs aren’t suitable for this.

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How to Decide on the Most Suitable Custom Embroidery?

Choosing a more simple and minimalist design is the best route. With this, ensuring you make use of vector-based designs or images is crucial. It’s also good to keep in mind that choosing the right design depends on the overall theme you’re going for. 

Generally speaking, embroidered designs look good on clothing like t-shirts, jackets, joggers, or any type of hat. 


Using an Existing Image or Logo

To ensure they look classy, opting for designs that are minimalist like logos, typography, or symbols is effective. However, it’s important to keep in mind when uploading images or logos they need to be high resolution (without any pixelation) and vector-based (this means no normal photography) for effective results. 

In doing this, if you have an existing company or brand, you can just repurpose some of your existing creative material. Also, for retailers looking into potential copyright and trademark issues for images found online would be a smart move. 


Work with a Free Design Software or Existing Templates

For anyone planning an event without existing designs, there are several free-to-use design software you can use to create designs with typography and shapes. That said, T-shirt sites like Underground Printing allow you to create your custom embroidery designs and see a mock-up of them in real-time. 

Hire a Designer 

Although undoubtedly the most expensive route, hiring a designer could be smart provided you have the budget. For several individuals, it may seem like an unnecessary expense, and in the case of small events and brands just starting up, this is not untrue. That said, if you’re looking to create custom merchandise for your brand, making use of your own responsive branding may entail you hiring a designer. 

The Best 6 Custom Embroidery Designs in 2022

1. Logos or Symbols

When it comes to custom embroidery, it less often looks neater and more classy, so making use of options, like logos is a no-brainer. When it comes to custom corporate merchandise, this makes your design process a whole lot more simple.

For those without a logo, making use of some logo or symbol templates available on t-shirt printing and embroidery sites, like Underground Printing, can save you a lot of time and energy. 

Generic symbols can be used for specific lines of work, or even to celebrate first-responders. So when it comes to branding, logos, and symbols, they are undoubtedly one of the best custom embroidery design options to opt for.


3. Typography

If you’re looking for the most minimal yet classy solution when it comes to embroidery, typography is a great option. Simple to execute, fonts and lettering look great on t-shirts and caps. Regardless of whether you have the right logo or specific font, making use of specific font types can help with the branding of your company or event.

Script fonts ten to look more classy or delicate. That said, serif fonts tend to look sophisticated, or sporty, while sans-serif tend to look more modern. Making use of typography on custom embroidery could also work as take-away gifts for bachelor parties or even company outings.


3. Line Art

These days, line art is all the rage, it looks classy and minimalistic and a lot of the major brands are taking this route. Non-restrictive, line art can look classy on anything. There are also several tools online that allow you to convert logos and designs into line art for a more sophisticated and modern take.

Based on your color scheme or options chosen, the more popular options include white or black line art paired with the color option of your choice.


4. Animals

When it comes to embroidery for kids, or that just looks adorable, making use of animal symbols or vectors is a good choice. Besides this, they also work for outdoor themes or a family event you could be planning.

Animals, when used in media, have their own symbolism, and making use of these in your custom embroidery depends entirely on your creativity.


5. Flags or Family Crests

When it comes to patriotism or family outings, making use of flags and family crests can help you feel like you're part of something bigger. In the case of family, it can help you appreciate your heritage with the help of custom embroidery you can wear.

That said, flags need not only celebrate your national pride, you can also make use of a variety of flags that celebrate things like queer identity on t-shirts, athleisure, or even hats.


6. Sports or Outdoor Activities

Custom embroidery for teams and outdoor activities always raises morale. While there can be several options for team logos or symbols to create, making use of custom merchandise is always good for your brand.

So if you’re planning to create a summer camp, company team, or even designing clothing for your next camping event, it’s important to have relevant design ready. Using sports symbols or designing a custom logo is also one way to go that does not have to look too generic provided you use the right typography and symbols.


While there are several options to choose from when creating your custom embroidery designs, it’s important to keep in mind the overall look and aesthetic should stay cohesive with your brand or event. Generally speaking, there isn’t too much to keep in mind, however, remembering to make use of vector images and minimalistic design elements is vital. Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below!


Is custom embroidery expensive?
Not at all. These days, thanks to computerized embroidery, designs can be created quickly and with lower costs overall. Typically, the starting price is around $10 for the embroidery alone, while it can even go up to $20 on average.


What custom embroidery design works best for sports teams?

Serif or Script typography along with team logos in vector format makes for some of the best custom embroidery designs.

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