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Custom T-Shirts - Affordable custom printed t-shirts and apparel from Underground Printing, offering online ordering with no minimums, no set up fees and no art fee. Custom T-Shirts - Affordable custom printed t-shirts and apparel from Underground Printing, offering online ordering with no minimums, no set up fees and no art fee.

Quick Fundraising Ideas: Custom T-Shirts for Fundraisers

Quick Fundraising Ideas: Custom T-Shirts for Fundraisers

Ryan Makuch
8 minute read

Fundraising is a great way to make money for your cause, and custom t-shirts for fundraisers are a fun way to raise awareness for your cause or to even raise money with. Whether it’s a massive fundraising campaign, or something smaller, UGP would be happy to provide custom t-shirts and whatever other apparel you need for your fundraising! If you are unfamiliar with some things about why t-shirts for fundraisers are such a good idea, you’re at the right place! We’re going to layout why t-shirts are such a perfect option for your next fundraising event and provide you with some quick fundraising ideas! Let’s dive right in!

Why Custom Shirts are So Good for Fundraisers:

Custom shirts are a great idea for a fundraiser because everyone loves a custom shirt, and they’re so easy to design with UGP’s online designer! We offer great templates so you don’t have to start from scratch if you don’t have any t-shirt design experience, or are lacking in ideas. But it’s also incredibly easy to add your own design as well! When you are fundraising, you want something to stand out and define you and your group. With custom shirts, you are able to do that in an easy and effective way. With whatever color or style you desire, or even if you want other apparel like hoodies and hats, your group identity will be on full display to your liking!

What makes UGP so good at helping you create shirts for fundraisers? It’s simple, we are expert shirt printers, period! We have helped countless individuals just like yourself with all their printing needs. We know how to make sure your shirts look good and we love to help. You can reach out to any of our locations or our main headquarters and we will help guide you through the process of crafting custom t-shirts specifically crafted to the ideas you have about your next fundraising event.

Examples of Fundraiser Shirts: 

To start you off, we here at UGP thought it would be a good idea to give you some inspiration for your order of fundraiser custom shirts. Here are three of our favorite shirt ideas with some reasons why, and some ideas to take inspiration from them.

1. Color Is Key

Photo Credit: Michelle F.

If you do choose to get a shirt with a specific color, then a good idea would be to make sure you use a color that makes sense. For a fundraising event that is outdoors, a shirt with its base color being green makes a lot of sense and will look great outside. As you can see with this custom shirt, a great idea is also to have your base and design colors compliment each other. Green and yellow look good together and these shirts turned out great! Fundraising is always more fun when you look good. One idea for your next fundraiser is to do as this group did for their event and to get colorful shirts that look great!

2. Fitting Designs Are a Must

Photo Credit: Misty N.

Just as important as the shirt quality itself is the design on the shirt. If your fundraising event is about helping animals, for example, you aren’t going to want to have an unrelated design on it. One idea could be to poll those you are fundraising with. See what your friends and fellow fundraising-mates want. Getting more opinions is always a good idea when looking at shirts for a whole group! This picture was related to a group about construction pre-apprenticeship for women, so the design has a pair of hammers on it. If you were doing a similar fundraiser, you would not want a picture of the ocean on it, would you? So when you are designing shirts, make sure that not only is your custom design looking good, but it makes sense for your fundraiser. 

3. Your Apparel Options Are Plentiful

Photo Credit: Jonathan S.

In addition to custom shirts for your fundraiser, you can also order things like jackets, hoodies, or hats as well! We touched upon this earlier, but here is a great example that shows you when you have a good vision and a clean and simple design, this is perfect for you as well and your fundraiser. One idea is, of course, to get multiple articles or clothing! You could get a custom shirt and custom jacket, and offer up a choice to those you are fundraising with. Or, perhaps, it’s simply a bit colder during the time of your fundraiser and you want something like a jacket or hoodie. Our expertise is in all sorts of apparel printing, it is always a good idea to order what you want for your fundraiser and we can easily help with that!

Quick Fundraising Ideas:

Okay, so we’ve walked you through what makes custom t-shirts for fundraisers so great. And we’ve shown you a couple of examples while walking you through some key ‘rules’ of design. And now you want to put on a fundraiser of your own for a cause of your choice! Great! But what to do? Here are five of our favorite quick and easy fundraising ideas!

1. Custom T-Shirt Sales

One of the easiest ways is to simply get an order of shirts and then sell them yourselves! Custom t-shirts being sold as a fundraiser not only helps out your cause monetarily but aids in boosting awareness for your cause as well. As more and more people wear your custom shirts, your fundraiser will gain more and more awareness! This is so quick thanks to our speedy delivery and such an easy idea that you barely have to do anything! Fundraising this way is easy, all you have to do is design your shirts and sell them once you get them. Let UGP do the key screenprinting for you!

2. Fun Run/5K

Another great idea is to represent your fundraising cause in a fun run or 5K. A great way of going about this is by getting an order of custom t-shirts for your group and taking part in a 5K together. It’s a great idea to show group solidarity and a fantastic fundraiser where you can earn money for your cause. Some ideas to step things up: you can have your fundraising members take pledges on for finishing the event, or if you want something more challenging you can do a half-marathon or marathon and have pledges for every mile! These are fun fundraising methods for those who like to run or want to push themselves for a cause.

3. Bake Sale

Bake sales are a classic fundraising idea for good reason! Who doesn’t love a sweet treat for a good cause? Custom t-shirts are a great way to represent your fundraiser while raising money selling your baked goods. You can represent your cause in a fun way here and the best part about a bake sale is that it is great for all ages and fundraising reasons. Kids can do it, adults can do it too, and it’s great for in-school fundraisers, for a sports team, or for a larger-scale fundraising event even. You can even pair a bake sale with the fundraising of selling your custom shirts. The options are endless!

4. Car Wash

A car wash is another fundraiser idea that is a classic, but is also great for kids to help put on! This is also incredibly easy, all you need are a couple of buckets, some sponges, soap, and a hose! You can order t-shirts for your entire group to wear while washing the car which makes for a fun day’s work. These are great for raising money for school groups, like band or a sports team, and is a great way to let kids in on the fundraising fun. This is a great option for a group of energetic kids or teens that want to help make a difference for your cause or their group. On a hot summer day, too, it can be a fun way to cool off!

5. Dog Walking

Our last fundraising idea is a little more out-of-the-box, but also fun and easy. Perhaps you are hoping to raise money for an animal organization or cause, or you just love dogs! Why not offer up your services as a dog walker? You can charge a fee per walk and the more volunteers you have, the more cities and areas you can cover. Custom shirts are great for this fundraiser because it lets those dog owners know in a quick way what your cause is. The best part about this one is that everyone wins! You, your organization, the busy dog owner, and, of course, the dog too!


Now, with the knowledge that UGP is here for your fundraising event needs and with some quick and easy fundraiser ideas in your pocket, you are ready to go for your next event. Just remember, if you need custom shirts for your next fundraiser, Underground Printing is more than happy to provide our expertise for all your needs! Happy fundraising!

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