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Custom T-Shirts - Affordable custom printed t-shirts and apparel from Underground Printing, offering online ordering with no minimums, no set up fees and no art fee. Custom T-Shirts - Affordable custom printed t-shirts and apparel from Underground Printing, offering online ordering with no minimums, no set up fees and no art fee.

Top 5 Best Print Locations for Custom T-Shirts

Top 5 Best Print Locations for Custom T-Shirts

Allyson Sprague
6 minute read

When it comes to custom t-shirts, the process can seem very stressful. First, you create your design, then you pick your shirt, then you have to decide where you want your design or logo to go. With so many print locations, it’s hard to decide which specific location is best for your logo or design. That being said, we’ve combined the top 5 best print locations for custom t-shirts into one list to make the process easier!


1. Center Chest

Center chest is one of the most classic locations for custom t-shirt prints. Great for restaurants, companies, fitness studios, and more, this location is also one of the safest locations when it comes to custom designs. No matter who the shirt is for, customers, staff, friends or family, everyone has at least one shirt with a design in the center chest! Don’t worry, by center chest we mean center of your chest on your person, not center of the t-shirts front. 


Print size for this location can vary immensely, it’s all about how you want it to look and what size shirt you’re getting! If you want your design or logo on the smaller size, we suggest between 4” to 6” wide. For your logo or design to be larger, we would suggest 8” to 10” in width. 


With this location, your design will be visible even with a coat, zip up, or any other open-front layers you want to add. Center chest, along with full front prints are also our standard print locations meaning this is one of the go-to locations for any custom shirt.


2. Full Front

Full front is probably one of, if not the most popular print location for most designs. With all of the space, it’s easy to make your designs as complex as you would like! Full front prints are great for almost any design and are a popular choice for tech startups, events, student clubs, and more. For some designs, especially more simple ones, full front can look very large and be too much, that’s why we have tons of location options!


Like center chest prints, full front prints are more dependent on the size of the shirt you’re getting and how you want it to look! The best designs for full front are designs that fill up space. At Underground Printing, we can scale your design in a way that makes it look nice but also covers the amount of space you want. 


As far as locations go, full front prints are one of the safest areas to print depending on your logo or design. It’s easier to add fun extra words, colors, and graphics without your overall design looking cluttered with a full front or back print than it is with any other location! 


3. Full Back

Full back prints are another super popular print location when it comes to custom shirts. Usually larger than full front designs, full back prints are more flexible when it comes to print size. While garment sizing still comes into play with full back prints, there’s still more room to add extra aspects to your design than other print locations!


This print location is very rare to find on its own and pairs best with a left chest print. Many family reunions and student organizations pair a full back print with a left chest print for their events! Full back prints can also look nice with a sleeve or front print but that just depends on what you’re looking for! That being said, if you want the biggest print possible, full back is definitely the print location for you.


Other great options for back prints include upper back and collar prints but those are less popular. Full back prints can be very fun and more flexible than other traditional locations making it one of the best locations to add your logo or design to! 


4. Left Chest

Left chest print locations are always a good and safe option when it comes to custom t-shirts. This can be extra nice if you’re getting your design or logo on one of our pocket tees! Left chest prints are super popular for weddings, restaurants, breweries, greek life and more. Print size for the left chest can be a bit confusing since you don’t want your design to stretch the whole shirt. At UGP, we suggest a width between 2” to 3” wide, with a max of 5’ wide. Once we decide on a good width, it’s easy for us to scale the logo or design height to match! Left chest designs are perfect for logos and smaller, more simplistic designs.


The downside to left chest prints is really the detail. Overly complex designs and logos need a larger space to look perfect! Plus, you want everyone to be able to see your design as clearly as possible. The simpler the design, the better it will look on the left chest of your shirt! 


The left chest is a great location for most logos and simplistic designs. When it comes to print size, advice on the complexity of your design, etc. our sales representatives and art team are more than happy to help you decide! 


5. Sleeve

Sleeve prints, in comparison to the rest of the list, are one of the most underrated print locations. Sleeve prints are more unique but still an amazing addition to most t-shirts! Sizing for sleeve prints can get extremely confusing so you must explain exactly what you want. Similar to left chest prints, these prints are much smaller than the rest and can depend on what size t-shirt you are ordering. We suggest choosing a width between 2” to 3” wide just like a left chest print. 


When designing for a sleeve print, a simple, small design or logo will look best. The area is much smaller compared to the rest of the shirt making the area to work minimal. Some great sleeve designs include flags, simple logos, numbers, and more! 


Sleeve prints are a unique way to add a little extra to your shirt without it being too cluttered. Sleeve prints are also a great way to get your logo on a shirt with a completely different design on the front or back! 

When it comes to custom t-shirt printing, the opportunities are truly endless. From many different logo locations to choose from, tons of trending designs, and hundreds of products to choose from, your new favorite tee is at your fingertips! Start designing in one of these locations today with Underground Printing. 

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